Students’ counseling cell


The students’ counseling cell at M. D. Shah Commerce and B. D. Patel Arts College, Mahudha plays a vital role in supporting students’ overall well-being, academic success and career development. With a range of facilities and services, the counseling cell aims to provide comprehensive support to students.

One of the key offerings is mentoring, where experienced counselors (faculties) or senior students guide and motivate students in their academic pursuits. Mentoring sessions help students navigate through challenges, set goals and develop effective study habits. This personalized guidance enhances their learning experience and fosters a sense of belonging within the college community.

The counseling cell also provides information regarding study material resources, including reference books, online materials and study guides. These resources are readily available to students to supplement their classroom learning and facilitate self-study.

Career guidance is another crucial aspect of the counseling cell’s services. Professional counselors assist students in exploring career options, understanding their strengths and interests and making informed decisions regarding their future. They provide guidance on resume building, interview preparation and enabling students to transition smoothly into the professional world.

Additionally, the counseling cell offers workshops and seminars on various topics like stress management, time management and personal development. These sessions equip students with essential life skills and empower them to handle challenges effectively.

Confidentiality is prioritized within the counseling cell, ensuring that students feel safe and comfortable discussing their concerns. The counselors maintain strict confidentiality, promoting an environment of trust and openness. 



Students’ Attendance 


In accordance with the Sardar Patel University ordinance, it is mandatory to take attendance in every period, with a minimum requirement of 78% attendance. The college has a stringent policy regarding student attendance in all lectures and activities. In each class, the respective teacher diligently records attendance, which is then consolidated on a monthly basis. It is important to note that students who do not meet the required attendance percentage may be prohibited from appearing for the University Examination. This underscores the college’s commitment to prioritizing regular attendance as a crucial factor in academic progress and eligibility for examinations.